First : What is the PY?

It is two semesters in which a student studies courses like English, mathematics, and computer in addition to research , thinking and learning skills. It aims at preparing students of scientific section to study at the university. Also it aims at bridging the gap between general education and the university education. Passing the PY is a prerequisite for joining majors that require the PY.
Second: Who are the students(both boys & girls) have the right of admission at the PY?
Students of the natural sciences (the scientific section) who obtained balanced  ratio not less than 80% will be admitted at the PY according to the available seats . Those who obtained high rates will be admitted gradually until the end of seat. When the seats are over, the admission is given to those who are consistent with the terms and conditions and they should pay the fee (balanced education) upon to the  decision of the university council in this regard.
Third: What is the balanced ratio?
The balanced ratio can be calculated as the following equation:
  0.3 * degree grades + 0.7 * the ratio ofsecondary school
Fourth: What does the admission mean at the PY?
Admission at the PY means that a student is nominated to admission at any major  that requires passing the PY. The final admission in the certain specialization is based on the performance of  a student at the PY, examinations, and interviews which the college requires after passing the PY. The higher accumulative grade a student has at the PY, the more opportunity he gets at the particular major.
Fifth: Important instructions to students about registration procedures
  1. The student is fully responsible for ensuring complete absence of  mistakes in the schedule like clashes in the classes time, or registering a course which he doesn't pass , or registering a course which he has already passed. In case there are mistakes in the schedule, he must review the program registrar only during the period of addition.

  2. A student has to make sure that his email is valid and effective ,also he should check his email every day to follow up the sent announcement which displayed on the website or a notice board assigned to such notices.

  3. The absence will be calculated since the beginning of the study regardless the date of issuance of the schedule or the date of receipt it.

  4. If a student wishes to apologize from the study in one semester, he must review the deanship of admission and registration at the appointment determined by the deanship. In case his case is approved, a student has to bear the consequences of that.


Sixth : Passing the PY is one of the most crucial intake for the bachelor degree at the following colleges and majors:
  1. College of Medicine.
  2. College of Dentistry.
  3. College of Pharmacy.
  4. College of Applied Medical College- the departments of Physiotherapy, Medical Laboratories, Radiology, and Nursing.
  5. College of Engineering- the departments : Civil Engineering and Electrical EngineeringCollege of Computer – the departments of Computer Sciences and Information Systems.
  6. College of Administrative Sciences- the department of Business Administration.

Seventh :What are the colleges and majors which stipulate the PY to girls students ?

  1. College of Applied Medical College-the departments of Nursing and Diagnostic Radiology.
  2. College of Computer- the department of computer sciences.
  3. College of Administrative Sciences- the department of Business Administration.