Important alerts: the following behaviors cause the severe penalty

  1. Every deed affects the morals and Islamic values, or breaches the good conduct and manners inside and outside the University.
  2. Presence in the classroom , corridors or the restaurant at the time of prayer (the prayer must be maintained with the group). 
  3. Any deeds which violate the university systems and instructions.
  4. Cheating at the exam or even commencing cheating. Also It includes reports and projects cheating.
  5. Disordering the examination system or the calmness  of the exam.
  6. Every attempt to tamper or damage the University facilities , equipments, materials or books, and all the university's library holdings. 
  7. Misuse of University facilities and contents.
  8. Appearing at the exam in place of another student.
  9. All forms  of forgery or cheating.