Message of PYD Vice Dean for Academic Affairs 


All praise is due to Allah, the lord of all being. Blessings and peace be upon His noble Messenger Muhammad.

Dear Najran University PYD students,

      The NU Deputy Preparatory Year Deanship for Academic Affairs  congratulates your admission in Najran University, a major educational edifice that was established for you by our government, may Allah assist it. Najran University has embraced you to achieve your dreams of the future that you have drawn throughout your educational life.

Dear Students,

  The Deanship of the preparatory year, represented by its Dean, vice-deans, faculty members and staff, has been keen to provide an appropriate university environment for you. We all have to be highly responsible and know very well that the system of study in the Preparatory Year is very different from the system of the high school.  The student should understand the vision, mission, goals, rules and regulations of PYD  lest that  the students fall into error, Allah  forbid , so I urge all of you to follow up the academic advisors whenever necessary and the website  news and announcements periodically .

     Finally, we pin our hopes on you in the good representation of the preparatory year and adherence to the best qualities of the distinguished and gifted university students. Let's achieve success together, and your success is the source of our pride

Best Wishes

Dr. Abdulrahman bin Abdullah AL Muadi

PYD Vice Dean for Academic Affairs