In the name of  Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful and  Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.


Najran University is pleased to welcome you dear students in its campus while taking your first steps on the way of seeking  science and knowledge and realizing  a bright future, God willing.The Deanship of Admission and registration is pleased to provide you with this simplified Guide for admission in the university based on the directions of His Excellency, the Rector of Najran university, to guide and advise the students who desire to join the university with all possible means and facilitate the procedures of their admission. Here, Najran University insures the complete fairness and  complete transparency of admission in the university and will be pleased to receive your queries through the Advising and Guidance  Committees available in the Admission Department. As you know dear student, Najran university is one of the newest universities in the Kingdom and works hard to  provide the most up -to -date academic and technological educational aids .Based on this fact, the university adopted the Preparatory Year Program (PYP) as an obligatory condition for admission to some specializations so we would like you to read this Guide carefully which gives you much information about the PYP, colleges and other specializations.

First: The Preparatory Year Program:

The program will concentrate on training not just teaching and we will work together to achieve the goal which requires cooperation and shouldering responsibility.

Second: What is the Preparatory Year Program?

The PYP consists of two semesters in which the students study courses such as English Language Skills, Math, Computer Skills, Learning ,Thinking and Research skills. These courses aim to qualify the  Male and Female  students of the  Natural Sciences (scientific) for the university study for the B.A. degree and bridging the gap between general education and university education. Success in these courses is a basic requirement for the specializations that necessitate passing them.

Third: The PYP Objectives:

·Improving the  university outputs of qualified cadres for the labor market and the requirements of national development.

·Strengthening the confidence of the students and preparing them to get adapted to university study and work after graduation.

·Strengthening the abilities of the students in Computer , English language and Math.

·Developing Communication Skills, Thinking and Learning skills,  Scientific Discussion, and  Professional Ethics.