The Department offers six courses at two levels. They consist of 3 main evaluations:

  1. First Midterm                     (FMT)
  2. Second Midterm                 (SMT)
  3. Final Examination                (FE)

The conduct of the exam is as follows:

  1. A proposed schedule of the testing process together with time and date is made available to the student council for observation and remarks.

  2. The student council discusses the schedule and presents suggestions (if any) to the programme.

  3. The approved schedule is then posted on the student notice board as an official announcement.

  4. A personal copy of the examination schedule is also made available to individual students.

  5. Students are also informed by their instructors about the examination process, with specific reference to the course taught, during the revision time.

Examination and post examination conduct is as follows:

  1. A general meeting of all instructors is held and a hard copy of all instructions for examiners and invigilators is presented, giving a clear outline of the entire testing and evaluating process.

  2. In addition, an email is forwarded to all instructors as a soft copy.

  3. Invigilators and examiners are also presented a copy of their duties for the examination period.

  4. All instructors are required to be present/ punctual to their scheduled duty.

The actual (practical) evaluation process is as follows:

  1. The invigilator monitors the conduct of the actual writing of the examination and upon completion, hands over the answer scripts to the exam committee.

  2. The exam committee distributes answer scripts among examiners for marking and rechecking according to the schedule.

  3. The answer scripts are marked by the examiners using a red pen and are handed over to the second examiner for rechecking.

  4. Thereafter, the answer scripts go through a filtering process. Here, a panel of examiners examines the marking pattern, the totaling of marks and the posting of the marks and makes the necessary changes (if any).

  5. Finally, the grades are entered onto the grade sheet and handed over to the exam committee.

The post examination process is as follows:

  1. The instructor re-examines the answer scripts of his own section and reviews it as a final stage of the examination procedure.

  2. The instructor discusses the answer scripts (midterms only) with the students in his respective office during office hours.

  3. The students are also given an opportunity to raise queries on the awarded grades.

  4. Finally, the marks are entered in a database (midterms) and posted on the university website for students to obtain them (final exam).