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لمحة عن القسم - Deanship of Preparatory Year Guideline

لمحة عن القسم

The Preparatory Year English Language Program at Najran University provides a strong foundation in essential language skills for students who intend to join a wide range of specialized and professional disciplines. The Program provides this foundation by developing students' efficiency in English, so that they can actively participate in all disciplines needed to succeed in their professional studies.

The Program also offers students the guidance and counseling in strengthening English Language Skills they need to join the international Anglophone consensus while allowing students to experience ESP used in different professional fields, so that they can make an informed choice of career.

The Program comprises of dedicated faculty members who extend and share their expertise i.e. constantly redefining pedagogical methods, new ways to enrich students' university experience, with the goal of making it one of the best English programs available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Program offers six courses at two levels: level one and level two, by distinguished and experienced teachers who work hard to facilitate the best learning environment in all possible ways. The Program not only provides English Language Skills Courses but also offers students an opportunity to enhance and strengthen their creative and critical thinking abilities. In addition to the academic options, the program also offers an enrichment program which provides our students with workshops, tutorials, and remedial classes in reading, writing, and grammar & vocabulary.

Since the inception of the Preparatory Year, the English program has made great achievements manifested in the many graduates of our program who have entered professional disciplines such as Medicine, Engineering, Computer science, and Administrative sciences.