Welcome Message - Deanship of Preparatory Year Guideline

كلمة منسق القسم

 Coordinator: Departement of English Skills 


Welcome to the Department of English Language Skills, a unit comprised of dedicated staff, committed teachers, and future professionals/students. We offer aspiring university students an exciting academic opportunity with a new learning experience. We are passionate about our subject areas and are constantly looking at new and creative approaches to teaching and learning. We constantly refine our pedagogical methods, seeking new ways to enrich our students' university experience.  Top quality teaching is our number one priority and we wish to be one of the best English programs available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The English Language Skills Courses are offered by distinguished teachers who work hard to facilitate the best learning environment in all the possible ways. We not only provide English Language Skills Courses but also offer students an opportunity to enhance and strengthen their creative and critical thinking abilities. In addition to our academic options, we offer an enrichment program which provides our students with workshops, tutorials, and remedial classes in reading, writing, and language use as a lingua franca.

Our faculty's commitment to research debunks the myth that effective teaching must come at the expense of scholarship. Faculty members in the Department of English are committed to sharing their scholarly and creative experiences with their students, and we are proud to mention that we have enjoyed more university-wide appreciations than any other department on campus.

Since the inception of the Preparatory Year English Program, the Department has made great achievements, manifested in the many graduates of our program who have entered professional disciplines such as Medicine, Engineering, Computer science, and Administrative sciences. The Department works round the clock to develop its study plans in order to meet the highest Quality Standards and ongoing international developments in the field of learning and teaching English. The Department seeks to capitalize on the experiences of the leading international institutions in teaching English such as the British Council, Cambridge University, TITC - the International TEFL Corporation, etc. In future, the Department aspires to achieve high quality standards by reciprocal agreements with appropriate international institutions.

We expect and hope that our students will make the best use of this opportunity by helping us to put the department's mission and vision into practice while maintaining discipline and punctuality, attending classes regularly and participating in the events, activities and clubs provided by the Department. We also expect our students to comply with rules, regulations, and policies of the university/department.

Last but not least, we look forward to working with our students as future professionals.

Dr. Sultan