Department of Mathematics Skills


Securing a leading position among Mathematics departments  in the Preparatory Year Deanships  in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


To provide programs that help the students in their  future university study so as to acquire the necessary skills and Problem Solving strategies needed in their theoretical and practical life.


1.    To provide students with sound thinking skills such as contemplative, inductive and deductive .

2.    To provide students with the skills of implementing  the Problem Solving strategy.

3.    To ensure the importance of Mathematics in the practical life ,

4.    To develop positive tendencies and  attitudes towards Mathematics.

5.    To encourage  students to depend on themselves in studying Mathematics.

6.    To develop some of the sound habits such as accuracy, discipline, cooperation ,respect, and constructive competition among students.

7.    To secure provide Math environment that encourages innovation ,cooperation and constructive competition among students.


Teamwork – Leadership – Responsibility – Honesty – Accountability – Justice – Respect - Innovation