Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives of the Self-Development Skills Department 


              Global Leadership in Human Self-Development


          To provide students with a set of skills that develop their ability to think, learn, research, communicate with themselves and others , and develop their Professional Ethics .


1.    To develop students skills in using the library and the internet in researching for information.

2.    To enable students to achieve self – management that lead them to success, excellence and creation.

3.    To develop their  thinking and problem solving skills to help them deal with obstacles that face them in their life and their study.

4.    To improve the skills of  listening, understanding and empathy with others.

5.    To help students identify the personality types of people around them in the communicative situation to adopt the proper techniques and strategies to communicate  with them.

6.    To master the skills of writing scientific articles ,summaries, resumes, and to how  introduce themselves.

7.    To help students know their job rights and their duties towards their work  , colleagues and bosses (Heads).

8.    To help students identify the commendable qualities and noble ethics they should have in work.

9.    To help students know Professional Ethics and their effects on the individual ,the society and work.