It's doubtless that we want to be distinguished in our work and gain the respect and appreciation of the society and all the stakeholders. One of the most important ways to get to this position is to abide by commendable manners in general and professional ethics in particular. The basic and fundamental pillars of distinctiveness in any discipline are Scientific Thinking Methods, Research skills , how the individual learns, and in acquiring and implementing the skills of all other disciplines.

Here, the Department of  Self-Development Skills has an essential role in helping the  Preparatory Year students at the University of Najran to acquire a set of knowledge, attitudes and skills that help in preparing them to excel socially and professionally through three courses distributed in two levels

At the first level, students study  Learning, Thinking and Research skills course (140 SKILLS -2)  which aims to provide them  with some skills of learning , how to deal with tests, some thinking skills such as critical thinking, creative thinking, in addition to  some of the scientific research writing skills  to be able to cope with the  information and knowledge-based economy.

At the second level, students study two courses. The first course is Communication Skills (150 Skills -2) .This course aims to provide students with some of the basic adequacies of communicative skills: Cognitive Adequacy , Social Adequacy , Receiving Adequacy and Sending Adequacy.

The second course ,at the second level, is Professional Ethics  (150 Dar -1). This course aims to provide students with a range of knowledge and behaviors related to Professional Ethics , in addition to an idea about  the Labor System in Saudi Arabia.