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رسالة القسم - Deanship of Preparatory Year Guideline

رسالة القسم

The mission of the Preparatory Year English Program at Najran University is to provide a strong foundation in essential language skills for students who intend to join a wide range of specialized and professional disciplines. The Department provides this foundation by:

  1. Developing students' proficiency in English, so that they can actively participate in all required disciplines to succeed in their professional studies;
  2. Introducing students to the importance of mathematics, computer science and other necessary skills through the medium of English language;
  3. Giving students direct exposure to use applied knowledge of engineering workshops and mechanical drawing classes through the medium of English language;
  4. Offering students the guidance and counseling in strengthening English Language Skills needed to join the international Anglophone consensus;
  5. Allowing students to experience ESP used in different professional fields, so that they can make an informed choice of career; and
  6. Teaching students to study effectively in any field they may eventually choose, and to instill academic discipline and integrity.