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أهداف القسم - Deanship of Preparatory Year Guideline

أهداف القسم

The specific objectives of the Preparatory Year English Program can be clearly stated as follows:

  1. To give those students who successfully complete the Program real proficiency in English, with special emphasis on scientific, technical and business English, so that our graduates can study confidently in these areas when they begin university professional courses;
  2. To review, refresh and enrich students' knowledge of mathematics and computer skills through the medium of English-Language instruction;
  3. To instill in our students the study skills they need to learn effectively in any field of specialization;
  4. To provide our students with the career guidance and counseling they need to make an informed choice of career;
  5. To convey to our students the excitement of innovation and original thinking in design, manufacturing and diagnostics through their experience of technical studies in the Program.
  6. To encourage, motivate and instill confidence among students through proper training and guidance of language inputs so that they may bring desired dexterity and advancement in their future endeavors.