Vision of the Department of  Computer Skills:

Leadership in realizing an integrated learning environment in Computer Skills according to the criteria of the Preparatory Year Deanship.

Mission of the Department of  Computer Skills:

Providing practical and scientific material with high degree of distinctiveness in Computer Skills to prepare the students for the academic university study by highly distinguished and qualified cadres in a developed technological environment.

Objectives of the Department of Computer Skills

1.     Developing distinguished teaching cadres able to apply and implement the Computer  courses so as to prepare the students for the different university professional disciplines.

2.     Securing an integrated environment to meet the recent developments  of information technology.

3.     Securing an integrated modern technological environment to meet the  developments of the computer Curricula.

4.     Holding  distinguished training courses that meet the colleges requirements  in the university.

5.     Providing the students with the basic skills of Computer in terms of language , symbols and terminology.

6.     Providing an educational program that helps students to build their knowledge, skills and the use of computer.

7.     Providing the students with the skills of using the internet as a source of  knowledge.

8.     Providing the traditional educational  program with e-learning services to keep up with modern trends in learning and teaching.

9.     Providing the students with the skill of using the e-learning website.

10.  Enhancing the students' skills to benefit from the information they learn and the skills they acquire by employing them to meet their requirements.

Coordinator of Computer Skills

Dr. Amin Al Awadhi