The Computer course (140 TECH) aims to enable the students to do the following:

·To identify the basics of the Computer (what's Computer?, its history, versions, components, types of computer, its technology, and advantages of computers).

· To understand how to use the computer and the Internet in the different sectors of the society (education, health, industry, labor and internal security).

· To learn how to use the computer as a search tool for information and knowledge in the various search engines.

· To identify the advantages and disadvantages of the Computer.

· To identify the operating systems of the computer (types, components, tasks).

· To identify the various applications of Word Processor program and apply them.

· To identify Excel and its applications (Excel applications , types of spreadsheets, do calculations, deal with various worksheets, sort and classify data)

·To learn how to use  Power Point program (create Power Point (PPT) use a ready-made template, design a new template, create and modify the graphical objects on the slide, format a text, add animations to the slides, finalize the PPT for presentation).

· To identify the Internet and the introduction to the internet( browse the internet, create e-mail, use e-mail (send and receive files),upload and download files through the internet.