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رؤية القسم - Deanship of Preparatory Year Guideline

رؤية القسم

The vision of the English Language Skills Department is to become the prominent example of its sort in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The department intends to accomplish this vision in the near future by a combination of effective strategies through integrating new technologies like e-learning and steadily increasing academic standards by following the templates set by NCAAA and other international organizations.

The structure of the Preparatory Year Program plays an essential role in the development of this vision. The Program is divided into two levels. Level One focuses on developing students' abilities to read, write, listen and speak in English with an insight into proper language use, while Level Two, building on the accomplishments of Level One, trains students to use more advanced linguistic variants like General English, and acquire experience in professional and technical writing settings.

The Program aims to consolidate both levels, so that students who have finished Level One will be able to function effectively in English, while those who successfully complete Level Two will have an opportunity to join the professional disciplines as per their future career choices, and gain experience in using English while working in advanced technical fields. The department attempts to produce the best-prepared, most fluent and confident prep-year students in the KSA, and its staff are working steadily on several areas to make this vision a reality. Because of the size of the program, such large-scale change must be continuous, due to the constant evolution of EFL pedagogy. In order to apply the constant changes in academic and professional disciplines effectively, the department has already instituted strict standardization in course content, testing and evaluation standards. In general, the program is progressing rapidly by leaps and bounds toward the accomplishment of this vision.