E-Learning Systems

·E-learning systems are the applicable  tools  for learning through synchronized and non-synchronized computer technology . The systems vary in terms of the ability to know the nature and the language of the user and provide numerous , varied and easy options for the user in addition to the options of the software for the system in terms of protection and the capacity of database and others.

·The Deanship  of e-learning center at the university planned that the systems should achieve international quality criteria so the choice of the systems was as follows:

 1. Blackboard System (Bb)

o   It Is the main system in the e-learning systems at Najran University .

o   It Is used to launch courses and everything related to the lectures and tests, assignments , evaluation, forums , individual and group blogs, announcements, and creating and importing courses  as well as  managing users and content.

 2.  Lectures Recorder System (echo)

o   It Is a system that allows lectures to record, save, index the lectures and lessons as video and audio ones at any time and any place.

o   Gives the student the opportunity to access these lectures more than once and watch them, download them on his device and access  specific segments  of the lectures.

3. The Virtual Classroom System Virtual Classroom System (Blackboard  Collaborate)

o   It is a system that allows synchronous and asynchronous communication by the lecturer with the students in a variety of ways with high potentials.

o   This system offers the possibility of  holding  Distance Learning sessions that  allow the lecturer  to meet with students and give them a lecture at any place and at any time.

 4. Electronic exams "Question mark System"

o   It Is an integrated system for the management of the assessment tests, which provides the ability to formulate questions and organize them as  tests or evaluations or questionnaires.

o   It gives the Lecturer multiple options that enable him to manage tests efficiently.

o   It provides students with an easy way to  deal with the content.

o   The system can display the results in the form of reports and various formulas.