This Supervisory Committee has an important and pivotal role through the technical and advisory support given to the Faculty Members in the Deanship in addition to the following tasks that are to:

  • Receive the novice Faculty Members and give them orientation about the tasks they will shoulder and how to carry them out  besides monitoring their performance.
  • Carry out Need Analysis for the faculty members by the Training Deanship.
  • Hold Training workshops for Faculty Members.
  • Monitor the impact of training inside the classroom.
  • Organize cross-visits among Faculty Members in their departments.
  • Hold individual and group meetings for the Faculty Members in  the Deanship.
  • Motivate the Faculty Members to do specific readings such as periodicals and books.
  • Evaluate the performance of the Faculty Members.


The Academic Support Committee evaluate the performance of the Faculty Members according to the following criteria:

  • Activities in the classroom.
  • Administrative work and its relation to committees
  • Self assessment
  • Students Assessment
  • Community Service
  • Scientific Research
  • The  Feedback from colleagues, Administration and Heads of departments and the Dean.